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Medical Delivery Specialist

r2X medical courier excels in “On Demand” and “Routed” delivery services of specimens, equipment and packages from doctors, pathology clinics, hospitals and laboratory’s to testing centers throughout LA Metro, Orange & Riverside Counties, San Diego and north to Bakersfield, Fresno areas.

Our daily routed services provide consistent and efficient specimen transportation while our On Demand, or Stat service is available whenever or wherever the necessity arises.

Stat: Our most expedited service. Your order is immediately dispatched, picked up and delivered ASAP.

Efficient: 4 Hour Specially expedited service allowing up to 4 hours depending on the distance and location of delivery.

Same Day by 5:00PM: This is our most economical daily service, allowing your shipment to be delivered Monday through Friday by 5:00 PM. depending on the distance and location of delivery. “These orders must be placed prior to 10:00 AM”.

Scheduled Route: Pick up and delivery on a daily or weekly schedule.


Contact Us at 323-463-4493
Monday thru Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

For after hours orders and assistance call:
Director of Sales: 323-719-5305


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